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Architecture Types

September 14th, 2015

Architecture is an abstract representation of a system’s components and behaviours, so it doesn’t contain details about implementation. The architect gathers information about the problem and designs a flexible solution that covers functional and non-functional requirements.

We can distinguish two types of architecture:

System Architecture:
It is the result of a design process for a specific system and must consider the functions of components, their interfaces, interactions, and constraints. This specification is the basis for application design and implementation steps.

– Defining architecture for a system serves many objectives. It abstracts the description of dynamic systems by providing simple models. In this way, architecture helps the designer define and control the interfaces and the integration of the system components. During a redesign process, the architecture strives to reduce the impact of changes to as few modules as possible. The architectural system model allows the architect to focus on the areas requiring the most change.

– Architectures are best represented graphically using a tool such as UML (Unified Modeling Language). An architect communicates the design of the system to other members of the team using UML.

Reference Architecture:
It refers to a coherent design principle used in a specific domain. Example of such architectures is the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) model for computer-based information systems. This architecture describes the kinds of system components and their responsibilities, dependencies, possible interactions, and constraints.

The reference architecture is the basis for designing the system architecture for a particular system. When designing a system according to an architectural style, the architect can select from a set of well-known elements and use them in ways appropriate to the desired system architecture. The JEE architecture is a component-based service architecture. The architect designs the system to utilize the appropriate components for each task. For example, as we will see later in the book, Java ServerPages (JSP) can be used to provide a user view of the system response to a user gesture.

Architectural Design Services: Available for Residential and Commercial Constructions

August 11th, 2015

Architectural Design Services: Available for Residential and Commercial ConstructionsOur Architectural engineering designers are quite efficient to provide you quality architectural design services in different to the size, no matter it is big building, small house, mall, industrial, residential or any type of CAD drawing. Our experts are using latest technologies and resources related to autocad and other softwares and it will automatically help them to get the work done speedily and effectively and in this way architectural designs can be drafted and edited.

Our Architectural Design Services include:

1. Commercial Architectural Design Services:
Architectural Design India is the only unique place through which all the architectural work has been taken place with the help of experts and professionals. Our services are not limited to big industries but we are also providing to corporate clients including banks, retail establishments, offices and small businesses.

2. Residential and Domestic Architectural Design Services:
Architectural Design India designs new housing developments, individual houses as well as designing and managing alterations and extension projects. It helps you to develop the new housing colonies as well as in individual houses also.

3. Space Planning:
Architectural Drafting India is one of the few architectural design firms that give ideas on how to utilize space efficiently and creatively. It guides you how every inch of the land can be used in a useful way and what kind of space you should select for your purpose. The space planning is quite necessary before implementing any other plan because the selection of proper space and its plan completes half of the work.

4. Area and Volume Calculations:
Room and Area table with volumes calculated and tabulated useful for analysis of HVAC is also designed by architectural design services.

We assure you that by outsourcing your drafting and design requirements to us, you will get 100% satisfaction as we believe in maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients. We are responsible and will correct any mistake in any drawing till the client is completely satisfied with our services.

We believe in transparency so we have a special method while doing any project of the client

Specification of the project from the client

Send a proposal including project understanding, cost estimations and delivery schedule

Quotation approval

Singing contract with the client